xplodinggirl21 (xplodinggirl21) wrote,

How to Help Hurricane Victims

I rep with Gourmet To Go and I wanted to let you know we are doing everything to help the hurricane victims.

There are 3 ways to help:

http://www.gobuygourmet.com is offering a FREE MIX of your choice to anyone who donates to the American Red Cross via my website. I can even send the receipt for the donation as to put your mind at ease that your money truely went to where you intended it to go.

25% of all Mix purchases will be donated to the American Red Cross. So if you order 20 dollars in Mixes, 5 dollars will be sent to the red cross on your behalf.

We are also going to be collecting money and mixes from our sites to send to the American Red Cross to pass out to families who have no food.   Please email me if you are interested in volunteering to pass out food or contribute mixes.

Please visit my website or email me at marissajohnson27@aol.com if you'd like more information.

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