xplodinggirl21 (xplodinggirl21) wrote,

I have a job, well, a source of income!

So I found a job. Well its a "at home" job, but i will still get paid, so thats all that matters. Its exactly like pampered chef, with a higher commission (i get 25%). I will be selling the same exact stuff I was going to sell with my own business. granted its not the manufacturer I will use when i have my own business, but I will not be picky right now. I can learn to do what I will be doing later, but under some shelter as an employee. Its for a company called Natural Family Boutique. The sell natural things like spa treatments, cloth diapers, wooden toys, organic stuff, pregnancy stuff, jewelry and more. Im quite excited. Only bad part is that you have to buy your start up kits just like avon and pampered chef. You need to have things to show people at the parties. Great part is that you can have online parties with people not near you, such as online friends... hint hint. Or people who dont want to have people to their house. I am gonna order the basic kit, the cloth diaper addon and the baby basic add on. After that I will get the spa treatment add on and the jewelry addon. After that I dont really care. Those are the biggest sellers I think. This place even gives you a professional website for free so people can order online "from you". They put your name in and you get credit for the sale. Im quite happy except for the kits. But if you fail or just dont wanna do it, they buy the kits back from you and any inventory you may have aquired. If anyone wants to see the website it is http://www.naturalfamilyboutique.com If any of you decide to sign up to sell, will you wait until I get into their systems and then sign up so I can get credit for your sign up? I really need money right now. Plus, if anyone wants to have an online party it couldbe really fun. Maybe a chatroom group you hang with might enjoy it? Come on, they have booby tubes ;) lmao, im gonna make you go to the website to find out what that is. Arent I mean?
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