xplodinggirl21 (xplodinggirl21) wrote,

Cherished items from the past have small price tags.

I just put the most incredible thing in the whole world, well, atleast it is to me, up for auction on ebay. *wipes a tear*

Its my jungle green N64. It served me well, but alas, its time for it to go.

If anyone is interested in looking at it, its here:


It includes see-through green N64 Console, 21 games, 3 controllers, memory cartridge, rumble pack, expansion pak, and game organizer.

So many good times had in my parents basement playing that thing drunk as hell. Nothing like trying to play Mario Kart 64 and stay on the damned track when you can barely see the screen to begin with. Also the game Shadowman, FUCKING SCARY!!! And stupid at the same time.
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